Geocaching: Lumignano

It was a beautiful day for geocaching with friends!

Feynor, Basset Wrangler

Lumignano (loo-min-yah-no) is a gorgeous little area in the Colli Berici hills, about 20 minutes from Vicenza.  Lumignano is known for hiking trails and rock climbing on its sheer cliff faces.  It’s also a good spot for geocaching!

The first cache we looked for was in the town center in a fountain-type thing, but we came to the sad conclusion that it was no longer there.  The clues indicated that it should have been on a sign, and there was no sign anymore.  We reported it missing to the Supreme Geocaching Overlords, so maybe they’ll remove it.

A well-hidden cache.

After that we took a hiking trail, along which were three different caches to hunt for.  If you do it yourself, you’ll want to stick with trail number 3 – not all trails in this area are clearly marked, but this one was pretty easy to follow!  If…

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